Eclectic accent mixed with modern architecture

Eclectic accent mixed with modern architecture

Eclectic interior design refers to an interior design style where the free spirit and the unexpected play a dominant role, combining elements of different styles and vintage antiques. The eclectic interiors and furnishings reflect the vibrancy of artistic elements and works of the time, a synergy of different cultures and traditions in style.

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Breathe new life into your home with world-inspired artwork and vintage finds. Your living room can have a new look when combined with a state of the art flat screen TV and an antique Haveli door cabinet that blocks out harmful electromagnetic radiation from all of our state of the art equipment. The Jali coffee table in sunset tones has a creative element that combines it with a luxurious sofa and recliner in neutral tones.

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Eclectic interiors use reused and recycled wood and are well aware of the planet’s limited resources and are very rewarding. The vintage chakra engraved cabinet in dark wood tones or a sun carved sideboard in a painful turquoise color are so versatile they give an artistically unique look. Rustic vintage cabinets add warmth and unity to the interior of your home. These pieces blend well with the eclectic modernist decor of the living room. Rustic vintage trees accentuate the modern, simple lines with a beautiful artistic spirit.

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The mix of colors and textures is a hallmark of eclectic home decor, so be bold and as different as you want. Contrasting materials such as rustic earthenware and shapes such as the extra long sideboard splash back that plays with the wrought iron dining table chairs combined with the bespoke Tree of Life dining table. Introduce an overall vibe, a mix of shabby style and bohemian eclectic styles. Huge old Spanish Indo-arch floor mirror makes your interior larger and more spacious, which adds to the play and unique design of your carefully selected home.

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